McClaren keen to return to work

Sacked England boss Steve McClaren is already seeking new work.

The former Middlesbrough manager told Sky Sports News: "I'm already taking in what has happened and trying to learn from that and be ready the next time.

"There will be another challenge although I don't know where that will be or what that will be, but there will be another challenge because that's me.

"I want to work, I want to contribute and I think I've still got a lot to offer football.

"It's only been two weeks. It seems like a lifetime, it will take me a while, take the fans a while, take the country a while to obviously get over the disappointment of not qualifying.

"That is something that will live with me for the rest of my life, it's a huge disappointment.

"In the new year, I'm going to start getting back into some work, and involvement in football at some stage because I still believe I'm a football person, I'm a coach, I'm a manager.

"I've worked all my life in football and I want that to continue."

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