New Inter Milan coach Walter Mazzarri says he's discussed transfer plans with management.

Mazzarri was named new coach at Inter earlier this month.

"I'll start by explaining something because you're always going to ask me these questions and I'll have to stop you. As far as transfer dealings are concerned I believe in respecting people's roles. I've given my views to Branca, Ausilio and the president," said Mazzarri.

"They know exactly what was said. Getting back to people's roles, it's not the coach's job to talk about transfers. If you've known me for a while, you'll know that it was the same at Napoli too. I explain what I have in mind then it's up to the club to talk about any decisions regarding the transfer market. As for the squad, it's true that I want 22 players in pre-season, two for every position, plus four or five youngsters who can stand in during training when people are tired or injured.

"I haven't worked with this team yet but I'm sure that lots of the players who start the pre-season with us will stay at Inter. There will be enough of them to be able to work the way we want and get off on the right foot."