Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano admits he's yet to hear whether the club will sign him permanently.

Ahead of tomorrow's clash with Manchester United - and good friend Carlos Tevez - Mascherano said: "Carlos and I have played against each other before when I was at River Plate and he was at Boca, but never in England.

"We are good friends and I will try not to kick him, but I know all about the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester.

"Now that Carlos has moved up this way and is a lot closer, we speak very often. But we have not discussed this game and I don't think we will. For 90 minutes we will be opponents then we can be friends again. I know Carlos will be trying just as hard to be the one who comes out on top, so let's see what happens. It should be interesting.

"I got a big kick on the shin against Marseille but this is one game I don't want to miss and I feel sure I will be all right. Everyone wants to be involved in it and I desperately want to try and make sure we don't lose. I have done everything I can to stay at Liverpool.

"Now they must decide whether to buy me. It is their decision, not mine, because I have done all I can to convince them I'm worth keeping."