Juventus GM Beppe Marotta feels they don't have the spending power to land the game's very top players.

The Bianconeri have spent just under €100m on new players in the last two transfer window.

"[Zlatan] Ibrahimovic is a player who you can call a top player," he began, when asked for an example. "Top players are a rare commodity in the sense that very few are around and of those that are available there is then those who are affordable.

"It is no coincidence that, if the choice is right, they make the difference - I am referring to Ibrahimovic, but the most striking example is that of [Lionel] Messi, who is definitely a player who makes a different in a team and for a club that is already great.

"Meanwhile, we have to understand what is available, then how much they cost, as well as a whole host of things.

"Certainly this is a goal that I think teams look at carefully, we must try to seize an opportunity, but it is not easy."