Arsenal goalkeeper Vito Mannone hopes to keep his place after the international break.

Mannone is only 24 but he considers himself to be one of the squad's 'elder statesmen' after seven years with Arsenal. And like all goalkeepers, he needs a run of games to demonstrate his true credentials.

"The most important thing for a keeper is to play," he told "Only one plays and it's difficult for the ones not playing because you lose your sharpness, your game time, your game experience. So when you do get on the pitch it's not easy [to be at your best straight away].

"It's been a great experience [at Arsenal]. Most of the boys are new and I feel like an old one even though I'm 24! I know the place and everybody here and I'm really happy when I'm involved, like now. I would like to be involved more and more and establish myself."