Man Utd's Tevez not interested in being magazine star

Manchester United ace Carlos Tevez insists he's not interested in featuring in the glossies.

Tevez, 24, said: "I don't have the same marketable image as a Ronaldo or a Lionel Messi. If I tried to work on my image, it would change a lot of things. But I'm not like that.

"I pack all my effort in on the pitch, throwing myself on the floor for each ball, putting my life into each game.

"I give everything to win each match and leave it there.

"Cristiano is intelligent and knows how to handle the Press. To be seen as the best in the world, you need to feed other things. That's for sure.

"I have a good relationship with Cristiano. At the moment, he's the best player in the world - one of those guys who wins games when you need him to. But my personality impedes me from appearing in the best magazines."

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