Man Utd's Saha admits injuries have hit confidence

Manchester United striker Louis Saha admits his injury problems have left him short of confidence.

In an interview with Setanta's Friday Football Show, Saha revealed: "I won't say that [I'm mentally stronger now].

"I said that before when I had a few [injuries] but I've had so many and they've kept you out every time so it's always hard.

"I have to accept I won't be as strong as before. That's a difficult thing, I would say. It's changed but I won't say I'll be as confident as I used to be on my fitness."

When asked if he feared for his career last season, he replied: "I would say 'yes' obviously but I would say it in a different way.

"I was more scared about not playing for United any more. It was why I was really down because I didn't achieve anything as I wanted really.

"I was really scared about that."

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