Man Utd's Ronaldo: We deserve to be in Moscow

"Without a doubt we are rightful finalists. We scored one goal more than Barca and deserve to be in the final in Moscow. These things are clear," said Ronaldo.

"The game was very hard and intense, as everybody expected. Unlike the away game, Barca created a little more danger. It continued having the possession of the ball, but at no moment were we scared. We did our work perfectly.

"Paul (Scholes) scored a great goal from outside the area. From there, we knew how to handle the game and we defended strongly. That was the key."

Asked about his battle with Barcelona's Lionel Messi, Ronaldo added: "I am not fighting with anybody. What matters are the teams and, in that sense, Barca and Manchester offered a great spectacle to the fans. Worthy, without a doubt, of a Champions League semifinal."

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