Manchester United ace Cristiano Ronaldo shrugged off the boos he received from Barcelona fans on Wednesday night.

Ronaldo fluffed a third-minute spot-kick at the Nou Camp and was mercilessly taunted by the huge Spanish crowd.

But Premiership hero Ronaldo declared: "I'm used to the booing. Last season I was booed in all the stadiums in England.

"The booing doesn't kill me. But it was a beautiful experience to play in Barcelona.

"I missed, that's football. There's no drama. If there's a penalty in Manchester, I'll score - let nobody doubt that.

"Sometimes you score, sometimes you miss. Since I've been at United, I've scored 15 or 16 penalties and missed three. I think that's not bad.

"I've scored 38 goals this season and I think there's no problem if I miss one.

"It will be different in Manchester because they'll also have to take risks. On Wednesday they kept the ball well but I think the advantage is with us."