Manchester United fullback Patrice Evra admits the ferocious tackling of Bolton's players on Saturday shocked him.

"It was a tough game," said Evra, floored early on by a lunge that rightly earned Kevin Davies a yellow card from Mark Clattenburg.

"I received more tackles than I've had in my life.

"It was the same last year when he kicked me as well. I said to him then: 'Why do you do a tackle like that?' and he said: 'Because I don't like you'.

"I didn't understand it. Here he did it again. I think his first tackle on me should have been a red card.

"I don't know what the problem is with Davies, because I don't know him. It's bizarre.

"I was very angry. The captain and the others said to me: 'You need to concentrate on the game, you must not react to a bad tackle like that'.

"I also said to the referee: 'You can't play football like that - this is not a football game'.

"When I play football I do it to play the ball, not to kick somebody. And I keep my eyes on the ball."