Manchester United midfielder Anderson is hoping to repeat his form at Anfield earlier this season as he prepares to face Liverpool's Steven Gerrard tomorrow.

Anderson said: "To me, Gerrard is a big footballer, but I went out that day determined to play with force and not to be preoccupied with him.

"Names don't matter to me. I am finding that I can raise my level and offer more when I am playing against the big stars and this is how it was when I played against Gerrard.

"He is one of the best midfielders in Europe and it is hard to stop him. It will be again.

"It was a tough battle with him when we played last time. He was hurting at the end but he was gracious and I respect him for that."

United boss Sir Alex Ferguson added: "Anderson can handle anything. He's got a terrific belief in himself. Like a lot of Brazilian players, he was just born to play."