Manchester United winger Ashley Young insists he's no serial diver.

Young says it's up to the refs to decide if he has been fouled or not.

He told the Manchester Evening News: "I think it's one to ask the referees - they're the ones who are giving free-kicks and penalties.

"I remember getting booked against Crystal Palace and then won a penalty. Against Real Sociedad it was another penalty that was given.

"Referees have got tough decisions to make, they have a tough, tough time out there making decisions, but they have made the right decisions I think.

"I don't take notice of the headlines or the debates. That's obviously for the media to debate and people to have their say on it and everyone is entitled to have their say on it.

"For me, the referees have made decisions and that's it.

"It's been talked about obviously by the previous manager (Sir Alex Ferguson) and the current manager (David Moyes) but that's in house. I'm not going to comment on what's been said.

"I understand what you're saying (about getting a reputation) and everyone is going to have their say on it but like I say I've spoken to the previous manager and current manager, the referees are giving decisions and that I where I think it lies."

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