Manchester United sit behind Real Madrid and Barcelona in football's rich list released today. Manchester City are the biggest movers in Deloitte's annual review of finance after the Premier League club climbed nine positions in European football's rich list.

Tottenham climbed three positions to 12th on the back of their successful season in 2009/10, when Harry Redknapp steered the Londoners to the Champions League, while Aston Villa sit in 20th place.

The Rich List

1. Real Madrid £359.1m 2. Barcelona £325.9m 3. Man United £286.4m 4. Bayern Munich £264.5m 5. Arsenal £224.4m 6. Chelsea £209.5m 7. AC Milan £193.1m 8. Liverpool £184.5m 9. Inter Milan £184.1m 10. Juventus £167.8m 11. Manchester City £125.1m 12. Tottenham £119.8m 13. Hamburg £119.7 m 14. Lyon £119.6m 15. Marseille £115.5m 16. Schalke £114.5m 17. Atletico Madrid £101.9m 18. Roma £100.5m 19. Stuttgart £94m 20. Aston Villa £89.6m