Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney admits he hates the 'hairdryer treatment' of manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

The striker says his manager is still a formidable figure, even if he sometimes decides to disagree and answer back.

"There's nothing worse than getting the 'hairdryer' from Sir Alex," Rooney said in his autobiography My Decade, as reported in The Daily Mirror.

"When it happens, the manager stands in the middle of the room and loses it at me. He gets right up in my face and shouts.

"It feels like I've put my head in front of a BaByliss Turbo Power 2200. It's horrible.

"I don't like getting shouted at by anyone. It's hard for me to take, so sometimes I shout back.

"I tell him he's wrong and I'm right."

Rooney says some players struggle to recover from a blast of Ferguson's anger and their confidence remains shattered.

"It spurs some of the lads on, but it crushes others," he explained.

"I've seen the manager shout and scream at people and when they've gone back on the pitch their heads have dropped. They've lost it."