Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is delighted with his current form.

Rooney had no problem playing in England's win over Brazil in midweek.

"I've been in a good run of form recently and I spoke with the manager through the week leading up to the game and told him that I wanted to play the full 90 minutes.

"I tend to play better when I'm playing all the games and I wanted to try to keep my goalscoring run going, which thankfully I did.

"I had my injury problems early on in the season and did a lot of hard work to make sure that when I came back into the United team I'd be fully fit and ready.

"When I had my injury over Christmas and the New Year I still did not have a single day off.

"I went into training every day and worked to get back to my best.

"And now I feel it's paying off for me."