Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez can't explain his success off the bench.

The Mexican netted his 10th goal off the bench earlier this month as the Red Devils secured that thrilling draw at Chelsea.

Only Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has more, although as 28 of the Norwegian's 126 United goals came as a substitute, Hernandez clearly has some way to go.

Hernandez would appear to share the same trait, although he does not know why he has been so successful.

"I don't have the answer to what makes me effective as a substitute," he said. "In football you can always come up with a reason for anything, perhaps it is nothing more than having a little bit of luck.

"I just know if I play one minute, or 10, or 90, I try to play the same way. My mind is always to do my best and help my team."