Manchester United skipper Nemanja Vidic is still adjusting to his return to action.

Vidic has returned to action after last season was wrecked by a knee injury. It has been a tough road back, with lengthy treatment and rehabilitation.

He said: "It's hard not to play for eight months.

"It's not hard to train and do the gym work because I know the benefits and I have a real desire to do well, whether I'm exercising or playing. It's frustrating when you look at the players training, playing football and being involved in games.

"That's what I missed.

"What drove me on was trying to come back and be the same as I was before the injury or even better, if possible.

"Obviously it was a long time but at first I had to focus on getting the leg right.

"After that I had some physical work to do. But I gave my best to recover as well as I could, so that when I came back I would be fit and competing every week - that was my target."