Manchester United captain Patrice Evra is desperate to stop the gloating of Manchester City tonight.

He reckons his fifth Premier League title would be his sweetest.

Yet Evra warned: "Beware. If City start winning it will be hard to stop them.

"We have to stop them before they start, because they can go far. That's how a big team starts, the first trophy they win. They won the FA Cup last year and if they win the League they'll get too much confidence.

"If they win the Premier League, a page is turned and it's a revolution, and revolutions have always been about Manchester United.

"If you play for Manchester United, if you're a leader or a captain, it's to play in a match like this. You have to accept your responsibility.

"Whether it's me, or someone like Ryan Giggs, if you ask them which title they will appreciate the most, it will be this one."