Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel admits the size of the club is very different to when Sir Alex Ferguson was first in charge.

Schmeichel has sympathy for current manager David Moyes over the club's demands.

He told the Daily Mail: "In my time, to go very old-school, his coaching staff could sit comfortably around this table [around 12 places] every day. A few players might be in there - myself, Brucey, Pallister and Bryan Robson.

"Every single coach would have conversations every day so it was easier back then for Sir Alex to keep tabs on absolutely everything.

"The training ground was smaller, he would see people because physically, you couldn't hide anywhere. I was in the offices in London the other day and eighty people are employed there. Eighty - just in London. The club is gigantic.

'The AON Training Complex is not a training ground now, it's a village. It is difficult for anyone to keep tabs on everything. It shows the size of the job for David Moyes.""