Manchester United legend Gary Neville says Manchester City feel they're back in the title race thanks to Wigan Athletic's win over United.

Neville wrote in the Mail on Sunday: "To score six, as City did, is a result, in my opinion, of United losing three points at the DW Stadium. I've been in close-run title races and I know it does help when your rivals slip-up, particularly if it is unexpected.

"We have to put it in context, though. It is only a glimmer of hope and if United win, as I expect them to against Villa, they will be five points clear with four games to go, which is a great position to be in.

"United could be eight points ahead the next time City kick off if they beat Everton next Sunday.

"Of course, Tevez is a fantastic player and his hat-trick will probably make City fans wish he had not gone walkabouts earlier in the season. If nothing else, it might have given Sergio Aguero a much-needed rest."