Manchester United legend Gary Neville fears for Samuel Eto'o at Chelsea.

Neville believes a lack of first-choice partner for the Cameroon ace will delay his adjustment to the Premier League.

Neville wrote in the Mail on Sunday: "The drive to unpredictability and flexible forwards can have a downside. There were clear examples of that at Stamford Bridge in Chelsea's Champions League defeat by Basel. It was fine when there is one player constantly moving his position. Watching Chelsea, you felt they had three players like that in Eden Hazard, Oscar and Willian. So one minute Samuel Eto'o would have Oscar behind him, who's more of a passer; the next he had Hazard, who wants to dribble, the next time it was Willian, who is more of a manipulator of the ball.

"That makes it very hard for Eto'o to establish a relationship with his playmaker, as it is difficult to read what the player was going to do next. "