Manchester United legend Gary Neville says former teammate David Beckham should be remembered for the hard work he put into his football.

Beckham announced his retirement last week and Neville wrote in the Mail on Sunday: "When I went to Paris last week to interview David as he announced his retirement from football, there was much to talk about and memories such as that one. But what resonated with me was that when I asked him how he would like to be remembered, he replied: 'As a hard-working footballer.'

"Those words sum it up for me. When people think of David, they often focus on things outside of the game. But in reality he was a footballer, and a brilliant hard-working one at that.

"In the years since David made his Manchester United debut, football's popularity has exploded and the money involved increased exponentially. He has ridden that wave better than anyone and has become the most recognisable individual in football."