Manchester United legend Roy Keane feels time is on his side to succeed in management.

Keane's record has been lambasted by Republic of Ireland coach Giovanni Trapattoni as their slanging match continues to escalate.

Keane responded to Trapattoni's criticism on TV, claiming that the Italian is not infallible.

"I actually never criticised the manager. I said the players need to change their mentality and the supporters so for the manager to come out and have a dig at me... I understand he's going to defend his players. But to come out with all that nonsense about what have I done as a manager.

"I'm still quite young, hopefully there's a chance I'll get back into management," said Keane.

"For some reason Trapattoni doesn't feel he needs to be criticised. And the strange thing is I never actually did criticise him. He needs to get his facts right. The players should have done better and it's time to give some of the younger fellas a chance."