Manchester United legend Paddy Crerand says departing youngster Paul Pogba will become a better player than Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira. Crerand believes the midfielder's potential means he could even become a better player than his World Cup and European Championship-winning countryman.

"I think he's absolutely terrific," Crerand, a 1968 European Cup winner with the Reds, told the Manchester Evening News. "The things being said about him as a midfield enforcer are fair. He's a Patrick Vieira-type player, but I think he's got a bit more about him than Vieira.

"That's saying something because I was a big fan of Vieira. I thought he was magnificent, but I think Pogba has got a bit more.

"It sounds crazy to say it, but I think Pogba is a bit cleverer as a player - and Vieira was a very intelligent player."

Pogba is in Turin this week to sign with Juventus.