Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton has revealed Wayne Rooney is receptive to advice.

Charlton admits chatting regularly with Rooney about goalscoring.

"Jimmy Murphy used to tell me that if I got an opportunity to shoot, and I didn't shoot, the ­public wouldn't like that," said Charlton . "He would say that if you got an opportunity to shoot and you did, they would remember that.

"He used to tell me to remember the public.

"He said 'if you get a chance to shoot, you've got to take it'. And that's what I did for years.

"I told Wayne the story. And he listens, Wayne . He's first-class. I just pass it on.

"He's enthusiastic and he's quite forward when he comes to speak to me about things.

"Alex is good with directors, he doesn't mind directors coming in after the match. If you want to speak to Wayne Rooney , you can speak to Wayne Rooney. Alex is really good in that respect.

"I've spoken to Wayne a few times, and I've said to him that if you don't shoot, you don't score. That is definite.

"I've told him that if you get the opportunity to shoot and you don't, the public will forget it in seconds."