Man Utd keeper coach Steele: De Gea has incredible inner strength. He's over his dark moments

Manchester United goalkeeper coach Eric Steele feels David De Gea has emerged from his "dark moments".

Steele was honest enough to admit De Gea has struggled at times during his 19-month spell at United, but said the young keeper retained the faith of Ferguson, his players and the coaching staff.

“David might have dark moments but I think he keeps them away from the training ground and away from when he is preparing for games,” said Steele.

“If he is hurt he doesn’t show it. We teach him that the calmest man of the field has to be the goalkeeper.

“The one thing he has got is a fantastic inner strength. Any criticism literally flies off that quiff he has – in Spanish we call it cresta cabeza.

“He knew the change was going to be difficult. You bring a boy into the Premier League at 20 it’s not easy.

“But he’s 22 and has played in about 170 first-team games now [for United and Atletico Madrid].

“He’s won the Europa League, he’s played in big big games. He’s not inexperienced but what he isn’t experienced at his dealing with the varied performances you need in the Premier League.

“Trust me, if you worked with him day by day, then you’d see he’s very mature for his age and will only get better.

“He’s learning in the toughest environment in the world in the Premier League plus the Champions League.”

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