Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs admits manager Sir Alex Ferguson now confides in him.

Giggs' relationship with Sir Alex has obviously developed over the years as he's matured from rookie teenage talent to a distinguished elder statesman in the first team.

"He's definitely had the biggest influence on my career," the Welshman told Inside United. "I've known him for 25 years now and he's seen me develop from a 13-year-old to where I am now. He's always been there to support me and help me develop my game. And he's always known what's best for me during my career, especially early on, and now at this later stage too.

"Our relationship's always been good, but given how long I've known him, it has changed. He's gone from being like a father figure when I first started to someone who confides in me. I guess I've become a bit of a link between the management and the dressing room.

"I think he's been a big part of my success. From an early age he showed me what it meant to represent United and how to apply myself, and that's always what I've tried to do."