Manchester United legend Teddy Sheringham believes Robin van Persie hasn't yet peaked!

Sheringham was 31 when Sir Alex Ferguson bought him, two years older than Van Persie, and enjoyed five memorable years at Old Trafford.

"The manager told me a couple of times he signed me because he looked at my Dad, and he didn't have any extra weight, so he thought I'd be OK for a few years," revealed Sheringham to the Mail on Sunday.

"Van Persie should be coming into his peak. He has had a lot of injuries in the past but 29 is a perfect age for a striker. He doesn't rely on his pace, he has a good knowledge of when to run, when to shoot, when to hold the ball up. Rooney is not far from being in his prime. He's a different build. It will be interesting to follow his situation and see if he fills out."