Former Manchester United star Sammy McIlroy has been impressed by what he's seen from Tom Cleverley.

Cleverley has signed a new deal with United this week.

"I was one of those who wanted to see Wesley Sneijder at Old Trafford," the Northern Irishman told the Manchester Evening News.

"He's a fantastic player and I thought he would be an ideal buy, but the way Tom Cleverley started the season before his injury has meant nobody really talks about Sneijder now.

"I think that particular move is very much on the back-burner now. Obviously, Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson are always looking to improve, so they might keep half an eye on it.

"It is important to see how Tom returns after his ankle injury. But if he picks up where he left off, I cannot see Sir Alex doing anything about Sneijder any more."