Manchester United fullback Patrice Evra is full of praise for understudy Alexander Buttner.

Evra is pleased to see the summer signing continue to adapt to his new surroundings and provides further evidence of the team spirit that runs through the camp.

When asked by United Review if he is happy to help Büttner learn his trade, Evra replied: "Of course, of course. I told him when I first arrived here, in my first six months the Old Trafford pitch looked like an airport!

"It was so big and you had to run so much it felt like my legs burned after games. But that's normal at first. You need at least six months to adapt to playing here.

"I always try to help Alex because I am a United player, not just Patrice Evra. I want the benefit for the team. If it's me that is playing well or Alex Büttner, I will be happy.

"I don't just say that to look good. It's the truth. I'm not a selfish player and I would hope any of my team-mates would tell you the same thing. I think Alex sees that I'm not a bad guy and I want to help him."