Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson says he'd support any player who walked off the pitch over racist abuse.

UEFA president Michel Platini warned players ­before Euro 2012 that they should be booked if they reacted to racist chants by leaving the pitch.

His stance won ­approval from former ­England player John Barnes. But Ferguson, who encouraged his players to wear the Kick It Out shirts before yesterday's match against Stoke and condemned Jason Roberts' opposition to the ­public show of unity, is defiant in his attitude on the issue.

He said: "Do the players walk off if they are abused? I wouldn't blame them and it could happen at some point if we continue like this.

"You would have to support them if one of my black players walked off.

"If they feel that they are insulted, if they don't feel they are getting the support of UEFA, then that will ­probably happen at some point."