Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson says the success of Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is down to his work ethic.

Ferguson revealed that for all his God-given gifts, Ronaldo worked hard to make himself the player he is today.

Fergie said: "Although he had a natural talent, he in many ways ­manufactured himself.

"He practised and ­practised. He had a bit of the Eric Cantona about him in that way. Paul Scholes is still the same.

"You build up a mechanism and it becomes a habit.

"That was Cristiano's habit, to do something after ­training.

"If there was anything about him that you might call a handicap it was the fact that he liked to look at ­himself in the mirror a wee bit. The players used to give him stick for that!

"But he was a good lad and great for us. I still speak to him quite regularly.

"He's always available, ­always wishing us well.

"We'll be the first team and result he looks for."