Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson says he'll always find room for a big name player.

Fergie has admitted he does expect to make a flagship signing this summer.

When asked if the money was there for a big signing, the United boss revealed: "It probably is. The Glazers have been great - every time I have asked for anything, they have delivered.

"If I was to ask about going for a certain player now, I think they would do it. There has been a wind change. I could maybe go for a top player, if that's possible.

"It doesn't matter where they play - if you get a top player in it improves it. We had Chicharito Hernandez, Danny Welbeck and Wayne Rooney last summer, but we still signed Robin Van Persie.

"We've won the league because we've got a good, strong squad and I think we'll add to it."