Man Utd boss Ferguson details Chicharito deal

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has detailed how they signed Javier Hernandez.

Chicharito is beginning to find the target again after a slow start to the season.

Ferguson recalled: "Our chief scout had a contact in Mexico who mentioned the lad's name, which was the first step.

"He got hold of some videos of Chivas's matches and showed me them. When we watched them we thought: 'This lad's got promise'. But you can't decide to sign someone just by watching them on a screen. So I sent my chief scout over to Mexico for a month, with a view to seeing what the player was like on and off the pitch. And that's how we discovered that his father and his grandfather had both played at World Cups and that the lad was on the verge of national-team selection.

"After all that, it was a pretty easy decision. We carried out all the necessary steps and managed to sign him before South Africa 2010, which was important as his value would have increased afterwards."

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