Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson would be happy with a cagey draw on Sunday against Manchester City. Understandably, with a three-point lead over City at the top, Fergie will be happy with a draw on Sunday.

He said: "We need to come out unscathed. With so much at stake I wonder if there will be a bit of caution from both clubs.

"Roberto Mancini and I will both have to think deeply about our selection and tactics and there may well be an element of playing safe."

But Fergie did concede: "The passion of the fans can easily spill over so that tactics go out of the window as emotions take over and each side will both slide into gung-ho mood.

"An early goal can also dictate the shape of the game so we could be in for a masterclass of attacking football from both teams - in which case, hold on to your hats and enjoy."