Manchester United are currently on their best run of league form since the 1990's.

United have pieced together their season, at least from a domestic point of view, to the extent that they are now able to reflect on their best 18-game points haul for 18 years.

And now they can look ahead to the punishing second half of the campaign, when the pressure is at its most intense, and during which the Red Devils so often find the right answers.

"The experience that the manager, the players and the coaching staff have of what's required in the second half of the season, as well as the overall hunger and desire to win competitions will help us," midfielder Ryan Giggs said.

"Big players can't wait for big games and towards the end of the season the games just get bigger and bigger.

"You want that in the run-in - you want to be involved in big games and going for the title. That's why you become a footballer."