Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney insists his metatarsal injuries are not down to his Nike boots.

He told the News of the World: "What has happened to me is just one of those things.

"In our game, you can get defenders stamping on your feet and, unfortunately for me, it has happened three times and I have broken something three times.

"I know there has been a lot of talk about the boots. A lot of professionals who played the game years ago have been talking about them.

"But they are not running out in the boots, they do not know what they are like.

"The boots are fine. If you had a big lad like Michael Duberry stamp on your foot, then it is quite likely it is going to break.

"My game is explosive. I try to be an explosive player and that is why it happens."

Rooney feels his delayed comeback from the injury he suffered on the opening day of the season will stand him in good stead.

He said: "I felt fit a while ago but the manager and the physios were cautious and they were right to be because they don't want it to happen again."