Cristiano Ronaldo insists he's settled at Manchester United.

The wing wizard told the News of the World: "The boss is the reason I am here in the club.

"He helped me a lot, not just this season but the seasons before. I feel very good at the club. I want to carry on like that.

"I have many friends here in the club. I am five years in the club and I know everyone now - the staff, the players, and I feel like this is my home."

Ronaldo firmly denied suggestions which have surfaced in the Spanish media that he will quit United because they have failed to honour a pledge to give him a lucrative new contract.

Ronaldo said: "I am enjoying being here in the Premier League at the moment. It is the best football in the world and I am enjoying the time when I play here. It is fantastic to play in the Premier league.

"Last season, the lads said you can't be like that again - not score 23 goals. Now I have 41.

"Well, next season I don't what I am going to do.

"If I don't score maybe 20 or 30, people may start to criticise me, but I'm ready for that.

"I want to have another good season after the Euros. I want to work hard and I want to do my best every time.

"I'm learning all the time, not just because I've scored 41 goals but because I have played very well.

"I think I have more things to learn. I'm playing with the right players in the right club to learn more and more and more and to make me a more experienced player. I want that to carry on.

"I want to work more to win more titles, more awards. This is for me important.

"The Spanish papers say I am unhappy at United because I have not been given a new contract. It's not true - I haven't said that.

"I think it is great just to be playing here in the Premier League and winning things - and then there is the Champions League final.

"Getting there is great. But the final is not just for playing in, it is to win."