Man Utd ace Chicharito: Winning more important than goals

Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez says he'll always put winning games ahead of scoring goals.

The Mexican striker says he doesn't allow himself to get "obsessed with scoring goals" and maintains that he would swap finding the net for more trophies.

"I’ve never had a goal target," insists Chicharito to Inside United. "I don’t want to be obsessed with scoring goals, I don’t want to be only that player who only scores goals, and if I score goals I’ve played well and if I didn’t score goals I played badly.

"It’s more about doing my best for the team – if the goals come then great, but if someone else scores instead of me then it’s still great for the United fans and for the club.

"You can never play one man against 11, and one player can never score all the goals by himself. If the goals are coming then good, but as I’ve always said, I would swap every one of my goals for a title with Manchester United."

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