Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko has snapped back at Sunderland players claiming he dived for the penalty won in Saturday's 3-3 draw.

The City forward was insistent he had been fouled by Craig Gardner.

"It was a penalty - I still have pain in my leg," said Dzeko, who became involved in an argument with Sunderland defender Phil Bardsley over the matter after a later stoppage in play.

On that, Dzeko said: "One guy pushed me away and said, 'Why are you cheating?' So I asked him what he was talking about and said it was a penalty. That's why I was angry.

"He said I was cheating. He can say what he wants, but should never touch me. Mario [Balotelli] told me to stay calm, but I was calm - they can't push me and touch me that way."