Man City owner Thaksin unconcerned with latest charges

Manchester City owner Thaksin Shinawatra insists charges of corruption levelled against him are 'politically motivated'.

An arrest warrant for the former Thai Prime Minister was issued on Tuesday by the country's Supreme Court.

Thaksin, and his wife, face corruption charges and have been ordered to return to Thailand to face trial.

"Over the next few days the military junta in Thailand will increase its attacks on my reputation," said Thaksin in a statement.

"This is because they fear my influence on the outcome of the referendum on a new military constitution on Sunday.

"I have committed no crimes, nor any acts of corruption, and all the charges against me and my family are politically motivated.

"I will defend myself against all charges when I am confident I can do so in a fair and just process.

"This is not possible while the military control what should be a proud democracy."

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