Manchester City chief Ferran Soriano says he wants to generate a 'family atmosphere' at the club.

Soriano is seeking greater unity after a difficult past season under sacked manager Roberto Mancini.

"You know, what we want is not the image of unity," said Soriano.

"We want the actual unity. Everybody has his personality and his style and there are some cultural issues here. We were not very worried about [Mancini's] public criticism. If somebody wants to criticise, it is their problem. What we do want to say is that none of the criticisms out there were, in my mind, real.

"Our management team off the pitch is among the best in Europe so there is no real reason for criticism of anyone. Now we want a manager who knows about football, but we want somebody who knows about man-management.

"It is impossible for us to win, win the Champions League in the end, if we don't have a group that behaves like a family. We want a family where there are no such criticisms, where everybody respects everybody, and to do this you need to be a senior coach.

"Our group of players are diverse but they are also very mature people. I have seen the players behave. If they work with a senior manager, they can do great things."