Manchester City legend Joe Corrigan says he'll never accept the behaviour of Carlos Tevez - even if he beats Manchester United tomorrow night on his own.

Tevez has returned from going AWOL to breathe life back into City's title bid.

But ex-goalkeeper Corrigan told the Sunday Mirror: "I will be happy for the club, and nothing would please me more, if they beat Manchester United and go on to lift the title. But part of me will be sad if Carlos plays a part. I'm not like the fans who have forgiven and forgotten so easily. He let down his manager, his team­mates, the fans and the club.

"I love this club and he held them to ransom. Maybe I am old school, but he epitomises the modern-day mercenary player and I can't just forget the way he behaved.

"Everyone is talking about Tevez's return, but you cannot underestimate the negative impact he would have made on the dressing room morale.

"If City don't win the title, I feel a lot of it should rest on his shoulders."