Manchester City fullback Gael Clichy insists Manchester United can still throw away the title.

Clichy believes their rivals could crack under the pressure again with the two clubs still due to meet in the Manchester derby next month and United having to face Sunderland just 48 hours before their cup replay with Chelsea.

Clichy said: "If you look at the scenario, it's actually not that much different from last season - eight points behind with six games to go last year, 12 behind with 10 to play this time around.

"If United don't make mistakes they will win the title, but everyone is saying United have to lose four games. That's not true. If they draw a few matches we can make up points in that way.

"One bad result can become two and then the doubts creep in. You ask yourself, 'is it going to be the same as last season?'

"What we want to do is keep taking three points every week and really keep the pressure on United.

"The next three or four games are crucial for us and if we do well during this period, we will see."