Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini says he'd love the chance to work with Inter Milan firebrand Mario Balotelli again.

Mancini launched Balotelli's career at Inter and could well be reunited with the teenager after yet another row with Jose Mourinho.

"I'd gladly take him right away. Mario is potentially a world class player, especially considering his age, as he already changes a game. I don't know about his current behaviour, but I've never had reason to complain when working with him."

Balotelli was criticised in the Italian media for his lifestyle, but got off lightly compared to the English furore over John Terry's tabloid revelations, which saw him stripped of the England captaincy.

"The English really do come down hard on this sort of thing, but if someone behaves the way they should, then they have nothing to fear," said Mancini.