Luton's administrator Brendan Guilfoyle insists he remains confident that "the club will not go out of business" despite their financial debt.

The Hatters' 1-0 win over Nottingham Forest on Tuesday night earned them a lucrative FA Cup tie with Liverpool but with the club haemorrhaging £500,000 a month one match will not solve all their problems.

But Guilfoyle said: "We have at least a dozen people showing an interest in the club but we need to move quickly because the sums owed are mounting all the time.

"We are looking to be entering into exclusive negotiations with a named party by the turn of the year.

"History teaches you that the club will not go out of business. There have been around 44 clubs who have gone into administration and the only one which I am aware has gone out of business is Scarborough.

"So I am confident that someone will come in and take this club forward."