Luis Suarez denies Liverpool are one-man team

Luis Suarez denies Liverpool are a one-man team.

Luis Suarez denies Liverpool are a one-man team.

Swansea City goalkeeper Michel Vorm suggested in the wake of their goalless draw that the Anfield outfit are too dependent on Suarez for creativity and goals.

The forward himself believes he should have scored more already.

"I'm happy because the team has been performing well but as a striker I am always going to get plenty of chances and I could probably have converted one or two more," he said.

"I also know strikers go through periods where they are trying so hard to score and they don't always go in.

"The main thing is I am playing well and the whole team is playing in the right manner.

"I think all of the lads are playing well and although we know we have some injuries to key players like Stevie and Carra, we know we have players who can step up and perform well.

"That's the good thing about having such a big squad - we have the quality for anyone to come in, do a good job and replace these players.

"But we still know we can do that little bit better."

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