Looking good for Cahill and start of season

The 28-year-old Australia international is currently back in his homeland recovering from surgery to repair a broken toe which kept him out of action from late-March onwards.

Cahill told the club's official website: "I don't think I'll be running until July. I'm just working on my cardio-vascular in the gym every day and having physio every day.

"I'll be back fit and I'll be buzzing next season and I know I'll come back stronger.

"The Everton physios flew over and watched the operation with the Aussie physios, so they were in there writing a report as I was sedated and they were keeping heavy reins on me in regards to what I can do and how I do it.

"Everything is on track, my weight is fine and everything is going well.

"It's just about making sure that everything is productive and working well for me and at the moment it is.

"I won't come back with any fears. I wouldn't have come back last year or the year before if that was the case."

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