LMA backs coaching transfer window

The League Managers Association have welcomed Sepp Blatter's proposal to restrict the movement of managers from one club to another - but not by creating a transfer window.

FIFA president Blatter is believed to be unhappy with the way Juande Ramos recently left Sevilla to join Tottenham as well as Ronald Koeman's sudden departure from Ajax to Valencia.

Blatter believes managers should be subject to the same restrictions that govern the movement of players, who can only switch clubs in January and during the summer.

LMA chief executive John Barnwell agrees with the idea in principle, saying on Sky Sports News: "We think there should be some legislation in there which restricts managers resigning from a football club and joining another football club immediately."

However, Barnwell believes any legislation should apply only to managers and not to the clubs who employ them.

He said: "Can you imagine what would happen if clubs were really struggling and wanted to get rid of their manager and couldn't?

"I think you'd be inundated with managers coming and going. I don't see that working at all.

"I think it would be total chaos."

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