Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris is desperate for Champions League qualification.

Spurs are fourth, just four points ahead of Arsenal, who have a game in hand.

"I think Tottenham have the quality today to challenge other teams but we need time because we don't have experience," he told the Daily Mail. "In a few seasons we can close that deficit but we need time and we need to play high-level games in the Champions League.

"We have ambition to put this club in the top four every year. When you are a player you have to be at the highest level in every game and you have to instill a winning mentality. A good model is Manchester United. They prove every season they have the mentality of winners.

"Maybe the fight is between Chelsea and Arsenal and Tottenham. We can do it and I hope we will. I have big confidence because we have good character. We've proved it this season and now we have to show it on the pitch."